FORESEEN (FIN) + Deluminator + Inner Space

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With over 12 years of band history, their third longplayer sounds angrier than ever. FORESEEN out of Finlands capital are on tour in April to promote their third album "Untamed Force" to the European crowd. Released on Quality Control HQ in September 2022, "Untamed Force" highlights what the Helsinki band is best known for. Fast pace, crushing riffs and mid-tempo moshing parts for the perfect crossover of thrash and hardcore.
Hailing from Dresden, Germany, we're stoked to annouce DELUMINATOR as one of our supporting acts for the show. For nearly a decade, these metalheads have been creating a furious mix of various metal genres like death and thrash metal and hardcore whilst holding up a punk attitude.
Being Deluminators neighbours in a way, INNER SPACE from Leipzig are all set to start the evening with some dark, metallic mosh. We're excited!

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