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BELL WITCH at P8², a dream come true. And what a gloomy one! With their 2017 masterpiece "Mirror Reaper", a 83 minute long song forming an entire album, at the latest, the Seattle duo has made their way to the top of the American doom metal scene. Coming in the same vein, BELL WITCHs newest work is 83 minutes of dark doom metal furthermore. Tortuous but never dull, Bell Witch expand their atmospheric sound on "The Clandestine Gate" through using instruments like synthesizers and the organ. "The Clandestine Gate" was released digitally in late April and marks the first entry of a series of albums entitled "Future's Shadow". A physical release is expected in early June on Profound Lore Records. We're more than thrilled for their special live perfomance, that's what we can announce by now!

Italys flourishing doom metal scene should be known round here. For their European tour in August, Bell Witch managed to get Italian funereal doom band FUOCO FATUO as supporting band. Good choice! We're excited for their brutal mix of doom and death metal. Don't miss them!

BELL WITCH (Doom Metal Duo - Seattle, USA)

FUOCO FATUO (Funereal Doom Metal - Varese, IT)

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