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Between My People Fest and Fluff Fest in July 2023, FAIM and NØ MAN are coming through Europe. As an exclusive south german show again, we’re hosting the american hardcore punk bands on June 27, just before they head over to Fluff Fest. What you’re getting: classic hardcore punk, pissed off and highly political, is what FAIM from Denver are all about. Not any less dissonant, pissed and political are NØ MAN with their mix of hardcore punk, post hardcore and screamo. Where they’re hailing from you’ll hear in their sound: Washington, D.C. Not only known for being the US capital, but as one of the origins oft the early hardcore scene and it’s subcultures. If you’re not heading towards Fluff Fest, don’t miss out on this one!

FAIM (Denver Political Hardcore)

NØ MAN (DC Hardcore)

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