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Sunday = Punkday!

Our friends in SKEETCH and DECONVOLUTION are playing a weekender together, no question, Karlsruhe has to be on the bill. Musically both bands surely stand on opposing poles of the wide genre of punk rock, the connection: friendship and the love for the music.
Existing for not even a year yet (first show was at the end of September 2022), SKEETCH from Leipzig already toured Europe and are keen on rocking on. While the band around the Vlada Ina singer play a groovy kind of skatepunk, their Swiss buddies in DECONVOLUTION are crushing a style of hardcore that takes huge influences from various metal genres. Get ready to headbang, mosh and everything in between!
Exclusively headlining our show: BIKE AGE are back at P8. Melodic skatepunk from Cali you may think, but „This is Stuttgart, not L.A.“ is the credo. Founded in 2016 by members of well-known bands of Stuttgarts hardcore & punk scene, debut EP in 2017, album on Twisted Chords in 2018, a selfreleased "pandemic" EP in 2020. In short: much melodies, much fun, much attitude.
Kinda spontanously, we're happy to have local artist SPAULDING opening up the evening. Be there early to catch some acoustic pop punk singer-songwriter-style, maybe outside, maybe inside, depending on the weather. So hop on your skateboard or your method of transport of choice and next stop: P8². No excuses, the next day is a holiday!

BIKE AGE (Skatepunk - Stuttgart, DE)

DECONVOLUTION (Hardcore/Metal - Solothurn, CH)

SKEETCH (Skatepunk - Leipzig, DE)

Special guest:
SPAULDING (Akustik Pop Punk - Karlsruhe, DE)

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Where does the event happen? P8²
Schauenburgstraße 5, 76135 Karlsruhe

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