Hier haben wir für euch zwei der aktuell heißestens Bands der progressiven Metalszene Canadas. Sie sind beide separat auf Tour, den Doppelhammer gibt es nur bei uns!!!

THANTIFAXATH are a group draped in obscurity, with an entirely anonymous line-up and a band name originating from the Kabbalistic Tree of Life (meaning Great Ghoul). Dubbed „avant-garde black metal“ by some, Thantifaxath surpass such mundane press-tags, instead conjuring forth an expansive, discordant, and mind-altering brew that’s never just black, thrash, death, or doom metal psychedelia - truly pushing the boundaries of metal as we know it. With every release, THANTIFAXATH have erected an additional monumental Tower guarding their ominous obsidian castle that was manifested from thick, sulfuric fog smothering the contemporary black metal landscape. A very rare oddity, standing out of the over-saturated scene. Beware: The intoxicating maelstrom THANTIFAXATH are about to unleash on stage is not for the faint of heart. Your psyche might shatter – just to be re-assambled, and then shattered again.

WAKE have never been a band interested in repeating themselves, having evolved with every release. 2020’s “Devouring Ruin” made this more clear than ever, hammering the point home with the “Confluence” EP in the same year, and now they return with “Thought Form Descent”, their most dynamic, diverse and emotional release to date: Eight nuanced tracks that run the gamut from relentlessly heavy to exquisitely beautiful, often simultaneously, and instantly grab hold of the listener, demanding their full attention. However, at the same time, they are lushly textured and densely layered, and offer more with every subsequent exposure, unfurling to show hidden depths, and taking WAKE to a whole new level.

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