Replicant + Anachronism

music stands upon the groundwork laid down before them by acts such as GORGUTS, NEGATIVA, HUMAN REMAINS, and DEMILICH, from which they take inspiration and carve an identity all their own. Since their first live appearance in 2016, REPLICANT have performed consistently across the East Coast United States and Canada delivering an onslaught of mind-bending, fist-clenching, muscular death metal
Hailing from New Jersey within the northeastern American megalopolis, extreme metal merchants REPLICANT come from a region saturated with brutality. REPLICANT set themselves apart from the pack by honing their brand of unorthodox death metal laden with technicality, dissonance, and atmosphere, marinated in an unhealthy dousing of groove. At times progressive, but unapologetically regressive, the forward-thinking collective have been twisting the concept of technical death metal since their inception in 2014

is a swiss band formed in 2009. They are inspired by a lot of different influences, between dissonant, technical and brutal death metal but also jazz and prog music. Bands such as Gorguts, Ulcerate, Artificial Brain, Wormed and Hate Eternal are big inspirations for the band. They love to work with contrasted riffs, from pure blast to ambiant parts or groovy drum & bass duo. Low growls and aerials riffs make a great balance to bring depth to the songs. „Meanders“ is their third album. With this new album, Anachronism show deep ambiances, express powerful feelings, and a rich palette of emotions. Each song is a different journey.

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